Dariush: Roozegare' Na Mehraboon (Besiyar Ghashang :)

Behnam » 6pm - July 18, 2012
Daste' Dariush Dard Nakone' .. "A Note from the Director: This video has been made for the pleasure and enjoyment of YouTube users. Some of the images that you see and the music that you listen to are over 30 years old, and the Copyright Ownership of them are not very well established. If you have any objections to what you see in this video, and feel that you may have a Copyright claim to any part of it, please contact me directly so that we can resolve the matter quickly. You can send me an e-mail through YouTube. It is much easier to resolve such issues directly, rather than filing a Copyright Infringement Notice with YouTube. Tks - amgram"