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Googoosh - Gahvareh

Behnam » 5pm - July 25, 2012
If there is any song to make a person cry this is it. It even passes languages and meaning to be able to feel the raw emotion expressed. I was once in the car with a friend, and this song came up. He asked me umm do you think you can change it...He didnt even know the meaning or even Farsi, but he felt tears coming. Days after, he asked me for the cd. IAnd in case you were wondering, it begins, " My heart is clasping to cry, where is mother? Where is my cradle?" Gahvareh, which means 'cradle', was written by Zoya Zakarian and the music and arrangement was by Varoojan -the great. After, one of my favourite Googoosh songs, Bouye Safar, I had a eureka moment to produce videos for some of the Googoosh songs, which music videos for some of the songs aren't available on YouTube. Being an art student and a total dreamer, I wanted to interpert these beautiful songs from what I imagined and envisioned if I were to be an art director for these videos. Thus, to do so, the utilization of graphics mediums was absolutely essential.