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Googoosh - Taghdir - Music Video

Behnam » 5pm - July 25, 2012
When legends, and artists and craftsmen come together in a binding perfect-place-perfect-time miracle, this is what is produced. The power that is surged through this song, the wisdom, every single aspect about it is......... I don't have the words for it. .. keys are unlocked and the story of life is told. Lyrics/Poem: Ardalan Sarfaraz Composer: Hassan Shamaizadeh Arrangement: Naser Chashmazar If you know anything about this song which you would like to add, please comment. The video was produced by Courtsmen Arts. In this video Googoosh is wearing Elie Saab Haute Couture. After, one of my favourite Googoosh songs, Bouye Safar, I had a eureka moment to produce videos for some of the Googoosh songs, which music videos for some of the songs aren't available on YouTube. Being an art student and a total dreamer, I wanted to interpert these beautiful songs from what I imagined and envisioned if I were to be an art director for these videos. Thus, to do so, the utilization of graphics mediums was absolutely essential.