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Mansour - Ghararemoon Yadet Nare (Don't Forget Our Date) with lyrics and english translation

Behnam » 7pm - July 4, 2012
Ghararemoon yadet nare yadet nare dooset daram kheyli delam tange barat dar o nadaram o begir male khodet, male cheshat khorshid o bardar o biar aftabi sho bekhateram ghararemoon yadet nare deer nakoni, montazeram ghararemoon yadet nare dooset daram yadet nare ghararemoon sa'ate eshgh kenare delshoore zadan, kenare delvapasi o tarse ye vaght nayoomadan ashegham o aheghe to - az hame divoone taram ghararemoon kenare gol ke sar bezire atre toost to chi chine damani ke hezar ta boghz o mishe shost Don't forget our date don't forget that I love you (and...) and I've missed you so much take whatever I have for youself, for your eyes take the sun and bring (it to me) shine because of me don't forget our date don't be late, I'm waiting don't forget our date I love you, don't forget our date, ate the hour of love beside anxiety, beside anxiety and... fearing about uncoming I'm in love, in love with you I'm crazy more than everyone our date/rendezvous beside the flower which is ashamed of your smell (our date/rendezvous) in the pleat of that lap where (we can) wash/clean 1000 spites